This just in!

February 21, 2008 – 8:48 pm

I love building things—that’s why I’m a CS major. However, I just don’t have time to reinvent the wheel everytime I want some bit of software so I finally gave in and installed WordPress though it still irks me a tad. That being said, I do really like it and it’s way better than what I could’ve thrown together in a week or so to make this blog-thing work. On to the business at hand I guess…

The first post in a blog is always most awkward for me so bear with me as I figure out what the personality of PagedMemory is.

Each blog I’ve written has taken on a very unique feeling and the posts made to it always end up with a fairly consistent style (no claims of quality or interest). In recent memory I’ve maintained one idea blog containing only stuff I wanted to build (mostly CS-ey) and one blog reminiscent the angsty trash you’d find from a melodramatic teenager. I think that this will be neither of those as my ideas now-a-days end up in blog1 or hidden away until commercialized and I’m much less silly about my personal life than I was when I started my undergrad. I suppose, then, that this will take the role of chronicling my life as a MSCS student and my rants at the inanity that is Georgia Tech’s CoC (and the rest of the CS world for that matter). That wasn’t so bad, I know what this will be about now and where it will go.

I suppose to be fair to the CoC I should give credit where it’s due: I set this up because the CoC wants student bloggers and for some strange reason it seemed like a really good idea. My thanks to the CoC (you’ll not hear that often from me) for getting me to finally move on setting this up. On the other hand, if I ever start letting them (the CoC) off easy for the (inevitable) screwing up of things then hunt me down and slap me.

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