Stress, it grows

February 26, 2008 – 11:14 am

So this week has been a mixed bag thus far…

Our team meeting with Ling Liu went wonderfully; we got some good advice and she seems to think that properly managed our project is publishable after this semester. Additionally I managed to get the Speech-to-Text engine working without having to manually convert the recordings. I can’t really take the credit for this though—I basically got the format directly from the AT&T devs and the Audio recording code from a tutorial site but I made it all work together and such which is worth something… I hope. All in all school related good things are high.

That being said I’m still going to have a pretty crappy week. I have an AI project due this Friday but I have no idea how to do it: my Lisp skillz are weak and I have no concept of what the correct starting place is for this project. The frustrating thing is that it’s not complicated really, I just am unprepared and starting too late. Add to that G seems to be getting overwhelmed in general which makes me sad.

Like I said, strange week, the extremely good contrasted with fairly bad makes for a confused Richard.

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