That was fun…

March 1, 2008 – 5:20 am

So the mad dash to finish AI did a great job in reminding me what it means to be totally clueless. In some ways I’m glad I waited until it was too late to start as I needed to get a true sense of ability in the area (about nil) and find out how fast I could force myself though a project (not that fast given existing time commitments). The downside is that there were four days of worse-than-usual sleep-dep and I didn’t finish[0] a project worth 10% of my AI grade. So it goes.

Ah well, another day is about to start and I’m almost awake so I should stop wasting time and get to Tech Square so I can catch up on all the work I missed by doing AI last week.

[0] I thought I did but at the end realized that it was a bug that was making my code appear to work by stupidly cutting off the state expansion way too early and making me think that I got my alpha-beta pruning working… I noticed this about 5 minutes before it was due… silly prefix notation.

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