Your mission…

March 6, 2008 – 5:28 pm

Smile at the people that you see today. Not just those that you know but the random stranger you see as you’re walking to class / your car / the coffee shop… It’s wonderful.

I was sitting in the Barnes & Noble up the road from my apartment studying and would do a bit of people watching when I needed a break. There was one lady that passed me one direction, I smiled, she did her business with the coffee people and as she was walking back by she stopped, “Are you a robot?” You see, I was reading AI book and for some reason the thought flitted through her head, “What if he’s a robot reading a book about AI.” What followed was a fun little diversion about robots and AI and desire and want/need. She wasn’t a technical sort and the conversation was at the philosophical level.. largely about the concept of building/programming emotions.

And it was good. So smile at someone today, smile at lots of someones until you have a discussion about something novel—and tell me how it goes.

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