How things change…

April 4, 2008 – 9:29 am

I never in my life expected to say this: So, I was trying to buy a Mac yesterday.

No, I’m not a “switcher” but I want to develop for the iPhone, it only makes sense given my recent head-first immersion into mobile development. Thing is, I can’t find anything they sell that seems reasonable at all, I’m going to address each one in turn, if you know about Macs tell me if I missed anything from their lineup.

MacPro: Super-powerful high end desktop. Way out of my price range and overkill for a bit of development.

MacMini: The price is right but there is no extensibility for the future. Also, only supports one monitor unless I get a Matrox DeualHead2go which pushes the price up another $230. Also only comes[0] with 1GB of RAM and if I want to add my own I have to involve a putty knife… that doesn’t really fly with me.

iMac: Sufficinetly powerful, almost a reasonable price. I’m never going to be able to pair it with a second monitor and there doesn’t seem to be any height adjustment. Also, no upgradability after I click “buy” and $100 / gb of ram.

… And thats it except for the laptops. Unfortunately I’ve discovered I don’t really like developing on laptops with the primary reason being the monitors: size, placement, and impossibility to pair are all huge drawbacks for me.

So, after 8 years of quasi Mac-hate I go looking to find something I would use and the best I can do is OSX under VMware[1] or putting together an OSx86 machine.

[0] While this isn’t really true and you can buy RAM from apple to do so seems a crime. I’m not sure why but Apple seems to think that $100/gb is somehow reasonable. I’m not really sure how they get away with it but I wish I could start selling stuff at 200% markup (over retail!)

[1] Damn it… I can’t run OSX under VMware. Probably for the same reason that it’s hard to run OSX on generic x86 hardware. And I know there’s got to be almost no commerical drive to provide that functionality…

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