More mixed messages from life

May 6, 2008 – 4:17 am

It seems like the closer to the real wold I become the less black and white things are… which makes a lot of sense in retrospect and I’m not sure why I didn’t expect it. I didn’t, however, so these times where I’m simultaneously at a high and low are still surprising. On the plus side, today it seems like the highs are outnumbering the low (by far)

Other good things, Elspeth had a minor (most people were out of town) party last night and I cooked a bunch of stuff for it including two cheesecakes. They both came out great and I did marbled caramel in one that tasted amazing and looked beautiful. Yay for food that is a work of art.

On a less happy turn of events… I just checked my grades for last semester, A/A/B. It’s what I expected after the AI final but it hardly makes me happy. I mean, I have (at best) a B-level understanding of AI but grade compression makes a B not nearly as acceptable to me as it was in undergrad. Ah well, it’s just grades, doesn’t really matter (unless I try for a PhD…)

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