Android competition results

May 18, 2008 – 2:33 am

Effective use of the Android platform: In the top 25% of all submitted applications
Polish: In the top 25% of all submitted applications
Indispensability: In the 25th to 50th percentile of all submitted applications
Originality: In the top 25% of all submitted applications

Overall: In the top 25% of all submitted applications

Okay, so we didn’t win.

I’m only a little bit surprised, when we found out there were ~1800 submissions I began to wonder if we would make it because with that kind of competition there would be literally no room for error. Turns out there was a bit of error in our submission though it seems it wasn’t with the project itself but with our positioning of it/the pitch we made in our docs. I think we were a bit overconfident based on the reception each time we presented it to an audience (I guess we’re good at selling the idea, we’re certainly excited about it). Or it could be that the panel of judges were just the sort of people that didn’t need or want to use a product like ours. So it goes, I still think we’ll redeem ourselves yet.

That being said I’m terribly proud of us — we managed to make it into the top quarter despite botching one of the judging areas and I’m going to give us some credit and say that I think we were comfortably within the top quartile instead of just barely making it. And for 3 full-time students with heavy course loads that started about a month late I think we kicked ass. If you’re wondering what our project was keep watching this spot—we’re building it for the iPhone and I’ll make sure to post as our release date approches.

For reference a list of the Top 46 (4 remained in stealth mode) entries (official list). I’m happy for them all but was somewhat disappointed as they didn’t seem terribly innovative (several of the ideas we proposed for IMS Competition entries to the students I GRAd last semester).

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