Slow summer… thus far

May 30, 2008 – 1:02 am

As indicated it’s been a slow summer… work hasn’t really picked up yet though I’m about to get started on my project which will inevitably make like a bit more stressful. As usual, I’m already buried in problems with the build system (not sure but this kind of stuff seems to plague me more than most). I’m not too worried about the project though, with sufficient determination to learn gtkmm it’s actually pretty simplistic (which is code for “dear God the details are going to slaughter me”) and shouldn’t be much of a (technical) challenge compared to the crap I had to do for 6210 (among others).

What I’ve realized so for this summer is that though it may be amazing and wonderful to be out here there is a definite dark side to it—it’s distressingly lonely. I don’t make friends super fast and though I had some seeded out here already they’re mostly otherwise engaged right now. The guys I work with are great… as far as I can tell, I haven’t quite figured out how I fit into the scheme of things yet and I’m not sure there’s much motivation on their part as I’ll be disappearing in two months. It is weird though—this is the first time I’m actually worried about making a good impression at the place I work because I still would like to come back in the future and in that case it’d be very nice to have people at the company to come back too, even if I don’t end up on this team as Full-Time. The best/worst thing about it is that most of my peers are all my age so it’s very hard to ask questions without feeling mostly inept (which really shouldn’t be the case, I need to get over that)… *shrug* so it goes.

Not much else of note, I broke 16,000 tracks today with Spock’s Beard – Strange World. Also, Vienna Teng is playing tomorrow and Saturday in San Fran but I’m going to have to pass up the chance to see her as it’d be a 5 hour round trip on public transport and that’s just Too Much Commuting for a show (leave apartment at 4:30, get back at 1:30, meh).

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