The Job

June 6, 2008 – 10:14 pm

I’ve never felt like this about a job.

I’m confused, frustrated, and my head hurts from banging against the brick wall of our build system… and yet I’m having a blast. Not just with the work (there was plenty of cool work at Amazon over the year I was there) but with the people and the environment, and this is where VMware stands head and shoulders above Amazon. I don’t want it to be taken that I’m bashing the guys I worked with, they were some of the most amazing folks I’ve ever met and are super cool. The problem was that except for three of us they were all married, with kids, and older than 30; none of these things are bad but it made socializing outside of work somewhat odd (and impossible once geography and work schedule was taken into account). In contrast the folks in my group at VMware are all between 21 and 27(guess) and frequently do stuff together: once a week is dinner/movie night and a pretty big crew gather for Doctor Who, BSG, and [some other show] on Saturdays. The fact that we ship a product instead of run a website probably helps a bit too (subject of a future post, most likely).

Anyway, cool group, I approve of them. As if being awesome wasn’t enough they’re super involved in tech as well. Working in my group (or extended gorup) are fairly major devs (or ex-devs) for VLC, Gaim, Adium, Handbrake, Review Board, and bbkeys. Awesome, right? Yea.

As far as individuals go I get along fairly well with most of them but a couple seem a bit stand offish[1]. Other than the two though everyone seems to fit in where I feel they should and, in general, life is pretty good. Also, my mentor achieved nearly hero status when I found out he doubled CS / music and is a pretty serious cellist[0]. The other intern is pretty cool too, he’s from CMU and was a TA for a few CS courses there so we have a good bit of common ground.

Okay, I think this will be one of the last bits about me fanboying on VMware—I’m just glad it didn’t turn out sucking =)

[0] I thought I was going to get away without a footnote but there wasn’t an easy way to work this in without restructuring the containing bit… Anyway, for those that haven’t been around me I’ve been somewhat fixated on learning to play the cello for the past year or so and have spent several months trying to find an instructor in Atlanta. I’ve managed to make a few contacts but they were either timed horridly (she was primarily available this summer) or had some similar problem. Anyway, I just thought it was cool that he plays the cello. I’m jealous (though most of my peers there (and generally at Tech) make me jealous as they’re all much more clever than I am and for more awesome.) So it goes.

[1] I’m probably not being very fair here — it’s not like these folks are unfriendly by any stretch of imagination. I think what’s going on is that they’re both very similar to my Tech crew (a mix of Pete and G specifically) and so they’re both very familiar and alien and it’s throwing my assessment of reality off a bit (not that it was ever on…)

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