Scheduling SNAFU…

June 29, 2008 – 2:48 am

I have royally fucked up my schedule. I mean, I could blame it on any number of things… I could blame the fact that the CoC overworks and understaffs the master’s academic advisors such that I never had a chance to sit down and talk with them, I could blame the pitifully low number of classes that they offer, I could blame the fact that it’s impossible to schedule most classes as they only open 20 seats for 500 students.

That being said I knew how the CoC worked—that it takes a sadistic glee at making my progression through the program as painful as possible. My only valid excuse is that they simply didn’t offer anything I was interested in taking semester1 and my desired specialization class semester2 had a time conflict with the class I was taking for my tuition waiver which didn’t make for much of a choice… so it goes.

You might wonder what kind of scheduling screwup could get a normally cheery person like me this bothered? Well, here’s my next two semesters:

Fall 2008:

  • 3 hours – Special Problems
  • 3 hours – Theory
  • 3 hours – GRA
  • 3 hours – Network Security (assuming I can get in)

All in all it’s going to be a rough semester but not too bad, so where’s the problem? Well, take a look at Spring 2008(9?):

  • 12 hours – Masters project
  • 3 hours – Distributed Systems
  • 3 hours – GRA

That’s right, my last semester is going to be 18 hours of coursework, 12 hours of which will be a grueling project that will eat up an infinite amount of my time and kill me to death. Distributed Systems is hardly an easy class involving many papers and terrifying tests, it’s also a project class. To top it all off I need to do 3 hours of GRA work so that I can get paid to go to school and my GRA is killer—we do awesome things but it eats time like nobody’s business.

The way I see it I have three options (only the first two of which really count)

  1. See if VMware will make me a full-time offer at the end of my internship and just go to work
  2. Kill myself next fall so I the spring semester never comes for me
  3. Drop the systems specialization for AI (which I suck at) or Software Engineering (which basically only has classes that are devoid of new material for me and typically have me want to murder my groupmates)
  1. 2 Responses to “Scheduling SNAFU…”

  2. Maybe there’s a fourth option? What if you took a semester longer than you’d planned? Is there a huge rush?

    (Martin ended up compressing his MSCS into too few semesters, and ended up having a really unpleasant time with it… this is to be avoided!)

    By Alex Rudnick on Jun 29, 2008

  3. I fairly seriously thought about that…

    The big problem is that the systems classes I want to take are generally spring only (compilers / distributed systems) so I’ll have to take one of them spring semester anyway (or extend my graduation by a full year) and my masters project is going to relate to the startup so it will eat all my time whether or not I’m in the class.

    I really did just screw up beyond all hopes of repair by not taking compilers this semester and the opportunity cost of extending my masters by a full year is too high.

    By Richard on Jun 29, 2008

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