iPhone Apps, GRAs, and Internships oh my!

July 21, 2008 – 11:40 pm

We submitted our app a while back to Apple, I have no idea what the turn-around time is until they approve it for release in the AppStore, I’m already impatient though. It’s for the best that it’s not live yet though, I still need to proof read the website we built for it and get ride of the most horrible of my sleep deprived typos. There are a few areas where we Really needed more time to polish/rewrite but I think we’re going to be able to devote a 9 hour class to working on it next semester so hopefully we’ll be able to fix it up pretty quickly.

Speaking of next semester: my GRA is basically going to be me being a TA for about 50 students that are doing mobile (and converged) app development which is exciting, I’ve really missed working with students. I’m hoping that we get some that actually get excited about it ’cause this is a class that could result in some really nifty things. If writing awesome software for cell phones with complex services supporting <obnoxious buzzwording>from the cloud </obnoxious buzzwording> sounds interesting it’s CRN 86326, 8803 IMS or CRN 86325 4803 IMS with Russ Clark. Both sections are full but let me know and I can probably get an override for you.

I’ve got two weeks left at VMware and it’s killing me. I’ve gotten to where I’m really really enjoying the folks I work with and the environment—I still can’t get over the fact that I enjoy spending time with these people outside of work. I was considering cutting my masters short and just hiring on but that idea has been shelved for the time being. My project is all but done, I have one occasional bug that I can’t repro so I have to pound on it a bit more. I really would rather my mentor not have to do any bug fixing on it after I leave and before it goes to production.

mrm. I think that’s the state of the world for the time being.

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