massive fail today

July 24, 2008 – 11:00 pm

Well, my entire internship couldn’t be all good news.

I had the intern poster session today where I was supposed to make a poster out of my project and present it to whomever wanted to see it. Normally I love making pretty things but I was a bit grumpy about the whole matter…

They’ve been playing up this poster session the whole summer about how the top N posters (for what N I forget) will get to go to VMworld and present there… thing is I have no allusions about my project—it was fun, made be learn a bit of stuff, and makes the user’s life a bit easier but it’s not enough to justify sending me to present at VMworld—so I was a slack-ass when it came to the poster. I did a half-hearted job with the design (not horrible but not touching my best work) and about a three-eighths-hearted (1/2 * 3/4) job on actually putting it on the poster board. The final result was an embarrassment to me as an intern. I can totally live with that as I think that I fairly well represented myself when actually dealing with the viewers (and, you know, I’m mostly comfortable with making a fool of myself). The depressing bit came about when I started thinking about the fact that I was representing my team there as well as myself… and I really should’ve done a better job than I did out of respect for them… particularly my mentor.

So it goes, even I make stupid decisions sometimes. But regret would be pointless, just learn and move on… and maybe send a note to David apologizing, ’cause I really do feel bad for being such a jerk =/

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