Post grad work

November 8, 2008 – 9:35 am

I’m at the point where I’ve gotten all the job offers that I was expecting and now I have to decide where I’m going to spend the next 5-7 years of my life…

Two problems
1) I have no idea how to make this decision.
There are two companies I knew would be a hard decision and a third that totally blindsided me as far as interest goes. For the sake of argument lets call the two primary companies Google and Apple as those are two places I’d never ever ever work.

Apple is offering more money base but if we adjust for cost of living it’s basically the same amount. They’re both located in areas of the nation where I would enjoy living (though Apple is a bit sunnier). At Apple I have an amazing set of friends that are all distressingly clever and fun to be around (but they’re new); at Google I have some long standing friends from undergrad that I love hanging out with and I had a wonderful time hanging out with new folks that were in my interview group after we finished for the day. Both places make amazing products and I’d love to work on both (I’ve already played with the Apple stuff but Google has a lot more breadth if I ever want to do something else). And, of course, we can’t forget that no matter what I choose I’ll end up having problems with burnout at booth Google and Apple.

The third place, call it Lockheed Martin, is a totally different ballgame. It’s located in a much cheaper area of the States than the other two and has a higher (adjusted) salary… BUT I don’t think I’d like the area as much as the other places (and I don’t have any roots there). The majority of the work I do there will be classified so I get a security clearance and get to do cool things but that means I can’t tell anybody about what I do which is bad (as well as I have no idea what I would be working on when I start). However, since this would be a lot of work for the government I’d be working 40 hour weeks and burnout would almost assuredly not be a problem.

2) I have nobody I can really ask for help
Having already finished one degree and gone to industry once I’m as experienced as most of the people I know and those that are more experienced than I don’t really want to bother with my angsty ponderings.

So yea, two problems and an addendum:
3) I really want to get a dog and that’d be easier at Google (because of the area) than at Apple — how lame would it be to end up at one place over another just because I felt it would be better for my pet-owning ambitions?

General update

October 31, 2008 – 3:48 pm

It’s update time! (are you wondering how you can tell when it’s update time? look at the last post and ask if it’s been way to long since an update, if the answer is yes then wait three weeks and check back) Anyway, I just thought I’d talk a bit about what’s going on, as much to not forget as to let anybody know.

MicroThoughts[0] is making progress at an abysmally slow rate. Not a whole lot we can do about it though — we’re totally swapped by other classes and it has started to lose a little bit of the shine. I still manage to find some really cool moments, usually involving the design of a some random subsystem. Those are getting pretty rare though as all the big bits are done now and most of what is left is tying it all together which wouldn’t be bad except for the constant desire to bash my head in based on the use of Apple products.

I ended up getting a reasonable[1] schedule which will mean I can manage to graduate next semester (this is a Good Thing). I’m in Theory, Network Security, working on my MS project, and doing the GRA thing. On the whole I really like Theory, though I’m somewhat distressed by the last test which I failed so hard I didn’t even realize I did poorly. I really enjoy the material it was over too and thought I had a good grasp of it. Either the weekend in Seattle threw me off more than I had expected it would or I need to take a serious look at this stuff again. NetSec is… mind numbing. I was hoping for a practical class but we’ve basically just done theory of stuff I already knew fairly well[2].

No real progress on any of my side projects — I still haven’t made any progress on any software bits, my quest to learn about microcontroller programming, or on building an inline qwerty->dvorak converter. All these things make me sad but aren’t all that surprising (and will likely never change, work/school always end up being just too draining).

I guess we’ll call that it for the time being. I actually have more I could say but the time limit on the public terminal I’m on is about to run out and I don’t have access to a spell checker so I’ll have to live with all my first-draft typos being public, worse things have happened.

[0] No longer called MicroThoughts but something else because some folks from MicroThought Network got scared about dilution and threatened us with a weak trademark infringement lawsuit. I don’t have enough time (or money) to argue with them so whatever.

[1] for some definition of reasonable

[2] though this hardly has meant I’m breezing through it — as it turns out when you already know about the implementation it makes it rather hard to pay a lot of attention when the prof is talking 99% about the theory bit which turns into somewhat sad test scores.


September 19, 2008 – 2:36 pm

So life has actually been somewhat exciting and full of (good and bad) things recently…

among these things is the fact that I have massive wrist pain (both wrists!) so in lieu of a real update you should grab me and we’ll chat.

MS, Part III

August 29, 2008 – 11:08 am

I managed to salvage my schedule through the miracle of incorrect information about the MS project process.

Turns out I was able to get a permit to work on my MS project for this semester which reduces the stress of having to do it alongside GRA and 12 hours of coursework, I’m still busy beyond belief and had this not worked out would likely have died of exhaustion by now… as it is I’m already on 3-6 hours/night max and no weekends.

That being said I guess I should get back to work, it had just been so long since I posted I felt I should at least say hi.


July 27, 2008 – 2:13 am

Nothing is actually going on in life right now but there’s a first I just noticed… if you google for “android competition results” my post about it is hit #1.

Hit 1? Really? How in the world did that happen?
And hit 3 for just “android competition“.

I mean, I realize that phrasing is a bit odd but… yea.