Past Adventures (in Industry and Academia)

Staff Engineer

Pushing bits on various infrastructure projects.

Turbine Labs
Founding Engineering Team

We're building a suite of products that help our customers quickly and easily iterate their software and architecture, without sacrificing the stability of their service.

I was the lead developer on our API and customer CLI tooling. I also contributed to the React/Redux frontend and the on-premises collectors that we relied on to deliver customer topology into our systems.

Twitter, Inc
Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead

I work primarily with the core services group which handles creation of / access to Users, Tweets, Relationships, and URLs.

My first year was spent working on the User Service and my capstone project was migration of the user creation flow out of the legacy codebase into our service for increased reliability and decreased maintenance costs. After this I moved to Tech Lead the Social Graph Service where I spent time dealing with both technical and organizational challenges. During my time leading SGS we launched several new user-facing features as well as making major improvements in our service architecture and culture around testing.

I recently transitioned SGS to the next Tech Lead and am currently helping cover User Services while they ramp up new team members and fill open reqs.

VMware, Inc
Sr Member of Technical Staff
05/2009—08/2008; 07/2009—08/2012

My tenure at VMware was split between three projects. Initally I was an intern working to build a UI feature for the Linux Workstation to allowing the host OS to mount VMDKs belonging to a guest VM.

Once transitioned to full time I continued in the Hosted-UI team but my development efforts moved primarily to focus on the Remote Console which is the browser plugin used in vSphere 2012 management tools to enable interaction with remote VMs. I was the lead Linux contributor and played major role in the definition of the API released with vSphere 5.

After moving on from VMRC I decided to play once more in distributed system design and implementation with the VMware vCops team.

Georgia Tech Research Network Operations Center
Graduate Research Assistant

My time as a GRA with GT-RNOC had me working in three major roles: TA for the classes our professors owned, mentor to student teams particpating in our annual IMS competition, and as a developer for projects to aid the lab, our students, and our industry partners.

General tasks included assignment creation, project review and guidance, authoring sample code, and developing REST services to simplify LBS creation.
Software Development Engineer I

Like every amazon employee I had many hats during my tenure there. I worked on the Customer Reviews team and contributed to the release of RTR5. My next project was to assist in the design and construction of a system that would incentivize customers to author reviews. In addition to normal development tasks I spent a good portion of my time extending/troubleshooting the system that gathered our team's performance metrics.

Outside of individual tasks I was a part of the normal on-call rotation. This means that once every few weeks I wast the first contact point for any operational issues our team needed to address. On-call required an end-to-end understanding of how our service worked in order to respond to issues without being forced to wake senior teammates.

Proficient Systems
Software Engineer, co-op
Georgia Institute of Technology
Teaching Assistant, CS1801X
Teaching Assistant, CS2340: Objects and Design
Teaching Assistant, CS1322: Object-Oriented Programming


August 2007—May 2009
Master of Science in Computer Science
GPA: 3.75/4.0
Georgia Institute of Technology
Networking and Software Engineering focus
August 2001—May 2006
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
GPA: 3.63/4.0
Georgia Institute of Technology
Highest Honors

Relevant Projects

WhereAmI (v3)
GT-RNOC Lab Project
Masters project: Advisor, Ling Liu
Pub/Sub Notification System
Coursework: CS6210, Advanced Operating Systems
User-mode Linux Device Driver
Coursework: CS6210, Advanced Operating Systems

Technology Exposure

Go, Scala, Java, Ruby, C/C++, Python, Bash, C#, PHP, Perl
Linux, AWS, various container orchestration systems, Android, Windows, JavaME
Agile methodologies, Mentorship, Reliable design, Microservice architecture, Capacity planning, Load testing, Relational & NoSQL data storage


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